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Construction Site

Project Experience

Slade has worked on many projects over his career for some very recognizable companies, customers, and trade partners.  His geographic reach has been Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Idaho, Florida, Maryland, Maine, Indiana, Michigan.

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United Taconite, Forbes, MN

Line 5 Screen Upgrades, Line 1 Major outage, Line 2 Pellet Plant maintenance down, #3 300 FT Thickener Rebuild

Mesabi Nugget, Silver Bay, MN
Coal Pulverizer Project

US Steel Minntac, Mt. Iron, MN
Misc. maintenance and shutdowns, traveling grate and rod mill liners

North Shore Mining Silvery Bay, MN

Maintenance shutdowns - pellet plant major maintenance outages, concentrator maintenance outages, ball mill and rod mill liner changes, equipment maintenance and change outs, repair and replace maintenance platforms. Conveyor 63/163 Structural repairs to conveyor gallery and paint structure. Conveyor 167 1,500’ Install new conveyor, repair existing structure, modify existing conveyor. 


UPM Blandin Paper, Grand Rapids, MN

Softwood/Hardwood Debarking Drum Changeout

Press Rebuild

No. 6 Paper Machine Head Box Replacement

No. 6 Paper Machine Wet End Rebuild Press

No. 6  Paper Machine Gapformer

Various Maintenance Projects

Hennepin Paper Company, Little Falls, MN

Miscellaneous Mill Maintenance Projects

Westvaco Corporation, Luke, MD

Rebuild No. 9 Paper Machine Dry End Alignment

Potlatch, Cook, MN

OSB Equipment Installation

James River Paper, Ashland, WI

Miscellaneous Mill Maintenance Projects

Boise Cascade, International Falls, MN

Paper Machine Rebuild

Miscellaneous Paper Machine Maintenance 

Miscellaneous General Construction

Stora Enso, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

No. 16 Paper Machine Rebuild/Headbox and Press

Stora Enso, Duluth, MN

No. 1 Paper Machine Gap Former and Headbox Upgrade

Sappi Fine Paper North America, Cloquet, MN

Project Athena - Woodroom Upgrade- Debarker

Pulp Mill Modernization & Fiberline Expansion 

Install New Market Pulp Machine

Installation of Lime Kiln

Installation of Speedsizer

Woodyard Modernization 

Rollwrap and Converting Upgrade

Rebuild Feltless Machine

Mill Maintenance Shutdowns

Supercalendar Roll Change Out

New Chipper / Woodyard Upgrade

Liberty Paper, Becker, MN

Coater Installation, Modify Coater 1

Bi-Monthly Maintenance Shutdowns

Potlatch, Cook, MN

Paper Machine Hood Installation 

No. 3 Paper Machine Headbox and Gapformer 

RTO  (Voith) 

Couch Pit Press (Voith)

Miscellaneous Mill Maintenance Shutdowns

Rock Tenn, St. Paul, MN

Floatation Dryer #1

Supercalendar Frame

Change Out No. 5 Paper Machine Headbox

Change Out Water Disc

No. 1 Paper Machine Line Shaft Change Out

Flotation Dryer #2

No. 5 Paper Machine Press Pin Replacement

No. 4 Paper Machine DC Drive Upgrades

No. 5 Paper Machine Winder Installation 

No. 5 Paper Machine Foundrinier 

New Press / Foundrinier 

Miscellaneous Mill Projects 

Wausau Paper, Brainerd, MN

No. 13 Winder and Salvage Winder

No. 6 Paper Machine Modernization

Destacking Machine

Broke Bale Conveying System


MN Power, Duluth, MN

Hibbard Station Ash Conveyor Modifications
Hibbard St
ation Truck Dumper Changeout
Arrowhead Su
bstation Foundations
Arrowhead Substation HVDC Building
Structural Rehab and Reroof

Great Lakes Gas Transmission Company, St. Vincent, MN

Install Gas Compressors 

St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Erection of Vestas 1.65 MW Wind Turbine Generator


ME Global, Duluth, MN

Various Maintenance Projects

USG Interiors, Cloquet, MN 

Miscellaneous Mill Maintenance Projects

Kroenert Corporation, Hutchinson, MN

RECO 800A Coater Installation at 3M

Lighthouse for the Bling, Duluth, MN

Install C.G. Bretting Winder

Praxair, Rosemount, MN

Compressor Installation

Specialty Minerals, Cloquet, MN

Mechanical Installations

Atlantis Plastics, Mankato, MN

Install and Align Extruder

Align New Film Machine


Linde BOC - Murphy Oil, Superior, WI

New Green Gas Desulfurization Unit

Marathon Petroleum , St. Paul Park Refinery 

Install Gas Compressor
Various Turnaround Maintenance


City of Duluth, Duluth, MN

Ariel Lift Bridge Motor Installation

Duluth Steam Plant - Coal Elevator Installation


East Central Solid Waste, Mora, MN 

Rebuild Compost Processing Plant


American Crystal Sugar, Hillsboro, ND

Miscellaneous Maintenance 

American Crystal Sugar, Crookston, MN

Miscellaneous Maintenance 

Diffuser Installation - Design Build & Install

Conveyor Installations

Replace (3) Precipitator Stacks

American Crystal Sugar, East Grand Forks, MN

Miscellaneous Maintenance 

Ardent Mills, Various MN Locations

Various Capital and Maintenance Projects in Rush City, Mankato, Lake City


Long Prairie Packaging, Long Prairie, MN

Various Capital and Maintenance Projects


Cargill, West Fargo, ND 

FE Refinery Structural Project

306/307 Bucket Elevator Replacement

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